Judgements Rendered by Balwinder William Sundhu

Bill Sundhu in judicial robes



R. v. C. Williams – Oral Reasons for Sentence Sentence: Breaches, stolen property, drugs, weapons;
R. v. Sponaugle – Reasons for Sentence Sentence: Counterfeiting Currency;
Regina v. E.S. – Excerpt Oral Reasons for Sentence Sentence: YCJA – Youth deferred custody;
R. v. Barre – (Judgment) Causing Massive Wildfire Trial;
R. v. Barre – (Sentence) Sentence: Causing Massive Wildfire;
R. v. Leier – (Judgment) Judgment: Impaired/Over driving certificate;
R. v. Friesen – (Judgment) Judgment: Dangerous driving;
R. v. Forrester – (Sentence) Sentence: Uttering threats;
R. v. Paynton Ruling: Judicial stay of proceedings;
R. v. Rhodes et al – (Judgment) Judgment: Destruction salmon habitat;
Regina v. East – (Sentence) Sentence: Poison Wildlife;
R. v. R.C.W.M. & C.Y.P. – (Judgment) Sentence: YCJA/Youth Crime;
R. v. Kozub – (Judgment) Judgment: Arson, dangerous offender;
R. v. Weaver Sentence: Causing Wildfire;
R. v. Siewart – (Sentence) Sentence: Sexual assault;
R. v. Sauls et al – (Judgment) Judgment: Road blockade and Mischief;
R. v. Sauls et al – (Sentence) Sentence: Road blockade and Mischief;
R. v. Anderson – (Sentence) Sentence: Impaired driving causing bodily harm;
R. v. D.J.D. Judgment: Sexual assault;
R. v. Lefebvre – (Judgment) Judgment: Proceeds of crime;
R. v. Pye
R. v. S. (V.P.)  (Reference,: Bauman, J.) Judgment: Definition of child pornography law