Federal NDP Candidate for Kamloops Thompson Cariboo

Bill Sundhu was acclaimed unanimously to be the next Federal NDP Candidate by the Kamloops Thompson Cariboo (KTC) NDP members. Bill has devoted his life to the pursuit of justice and advocating for community members that are often overlooked—ensuring that all voices are heard. Running to become the Member of Parliament for KTC is a natural transition for him. After running  in the very close 2015 Federal Election, many voters in our riding are excited to see him back in federal politics. He wants to continue working towards a kinder, more just and fair Canada. He will hold the Liberals and Conservatives accountable for their policies and choices—they have left many Canadians struggling.  Bill Sundhu will be a strong voice in Ottawa.             

If you would like to reach out to Bill or have questions about his campaign, send an email to Bill Sundhu’s Campaign Team at bsundhu.new.democrat@gmail.com